Know Your Bowtie Shape

Bowties have been a fashion accessory for centuries, made even more popular recently by the likes of Doctor Who, however did you know there are different shapes of Bowtie. Learn more in our great Infographic…
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Know Your Bowtie Shape

Tips to Lead a Better Retirement Life

This infography brought to you by Aldersgate Village depicts the importance of retirement living communities and tips to enjoy a better retirement living. Visit for more information. 

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Tips to Lead a Better Retirement Life


An Infography on Assisted Living Facilities and Services

This infography is brought to you by Aldersgate Village, a faith-based Continuing Care Retirement Center located in Topeka, Kansas who offer top-level senior care services since 1979. Visit for more information. 


Valentine’s Day Trends and Traditions

Valentine’s Day has been an official holiday since 1537, however the modern day traditions may have differed slightly over the years. Find out when it was that giving chocolates on this romantic holiday was considered the ordinary and even now predictable. Are woman more giving on Valentine’s Day than men? What are the top three items of jewellery given? We reveal the top Valentine’s Day trends and traditions from all around the globe including average amount spent, number of engagements and even how many children are conceived! Learn more… 

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Ensuring Your Weight Loss Survives The Hype

If you are wanting to lose weight in a healthy way then this infographic is perfect for you. We discuss the top 5 exercises that can all be done from your home, super foods including your 5 a day, apps, morning smoothies, myths and snack substitutes to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more… 

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